Thursday, October 29, 2009

Face Paint

Ella went to her friend Katie's birthday party this past Sunday and her mom, Barb was face painting the kids, if they chose to do so. Since Ella is a witch for Halloween this year (a good witch named Mildred, if you ask her!) she decided to have a witch's hat and broom painted on her arm. She loved it and decided she wanted to face paint with her washable markers when we got home from the party. I said, sure, why not..the girls were going to get a bath after dinner anyway. She did a great job with my arm, drawing a pumpkin and then again with Karine's arm drawing another pumpkin. Then after dinner, I caught her in the bathroom face painting  where else..but on her face of course! She had it all over and it was quite funny:) I told her though, that this was the only night she could do this and no more.  Well, do you think she listened??? Let's just say that every day this week I've had to tell her to stop drawing on herself and her sister:) Thank goodness for washable markers!


  1. That's hilarious! What a cutie! And she may just have a future in the tatoo industry!

  2. Glad to hear my kids are normal, as well! Washable markers may rank right up there with the Internet as greatest invention at this point in my life!

  3. What a smart little girl! Your Grandfather sure got a kick out of seeing these pictures.