Thursday, October 29, 2009

Face Paint

Ella went to her friend Katie's birthday party this past Sunday and her mom, Barb was face painting the kids, if they chose to do so. Since Ella is a witch for Halloween this year (a good witch named Mildred, if you ask her!) she decided to have a witch's hat and broom painted on her arm. She loved it and decided she wanted to face paint with her washable markers when we got home from the party. I said, sure, why not..the girls were going to get a bath after dinner anyway. She did a great job with my arm, drawing a pumpkin and then again with Karine's arm drawing another pumpkin. Then after dinner, I caught her in the bathroom face painting  where else..but on her face of course! She had it all over and it was quite funny:) I told her though, that this was the only night she could do this and no more.  Well, do you think she listened??? Let's just say that every day this week I've had to tell her to stop drawing on herself and her sister:) Thank goodness for washable markers!

Pumpkin Patch

We took the kids to a pumpkin patch a couple of weekends wasn't really a patch (I don't know if they have such a thing in Texas!) but a bunch of pumpkins in a church's lot but it was tons of fun and the kids had a great time picking out their pumpkins. Oh and the weather was GORGEOUS!! Such a nice change compared to the heat we've had for so long down here in Corpus. It was a fun morning..this same church had a fall festival which included games, prizes, food, bounce house, puppet show and hay rack ride. And the best thing of all (for Gabe and me) was free!!:) You don't get much of anything for free anymore so this was really special and just good, fun, family time!

Losing Hair!

Okay, all of you ladies out there that have had babies...I have a weird but serious you lose your hair after you have your babies??!! I did with the girls and thought, maybe..hopefully I wouldn't with Gavin b/c he's a boy, different hormones, yada yada. And I hadn't yet..until recently and it's coming out in handfuls after my shower!! For some reason, my hair falls out in the front and it looks like I have a receding hairline! I am so bummed it happened again but I guess it was inevitable..anyone else feel my pain?? I was just wondering, kind of weird I know but I had to mention it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All my babies at 3 months

I wanted to share pics of each of the kids at 3 months of age. I find myself thinking all of the time if they look alike, do they look like Gabe or me, what will they look like when they're grown up??? So I think I'm going to post some pics of them at the same age every few months, just to compare and see how they've changed. When I was looking back at pics of Ella, I was noticing how much younger I looked! It's amazing what 4-41/2 years and 3 kids later will do to your looks..I feel like I look sooo much older now!! I blame it on lack of sleep...or..I guess we do age as we get older, huh??? Anyway, see what you think...who do they look like??? 




Berenstain Bears

I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago, which is when these pics are from. I'm already slacking on my blog! I need to find time and aim to fit it into my weekly routine..I'm working on it! I THINK about it a lot but doing it is another thing:) My good friend Holly has an amazing blog and hope that I am able to get myself up to her caliber of blogging!:)

So Ella LOVES Berenstain Bears! I think we have almost every book every written and have read them all over and over and over...I remember loving these books when I was a kid so it's extra special that she's so into them. My mom even saved all of them from when my brother and I were young and has since given them to me to read to our children (my mom is the best!). The BB were in town a couple of weekends ago making an appearance at a local cable station. So of course, we HAD to go and see them! We went with my dad (he was in town for the weekend) and met up with Ella's BBF (best boy friend) Jackson and his fam (his mom Ashley is a good friend of mine too!) We basically walked in, stood in line to take a picture, shook the BB hands and left....I don't know what I was expecting in the first place, it was sort of dull but Ella was happy and that's all that matters:) Karine didn't know what to think, she wouldn't go near the BB but waved and waved at them, while Grampy was holding her. She still talks about saying 'hi' to the bears with Mimi (Grampy).