Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Berenstain Bears

I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago, which is when these pics are from. I'm already slacking on my blog! I need to find time and aim to fit it into my weekly routine..I'm working on it! I THINK about it a lot but doing it is another thing:) My good friend Holly has an amazing blog and hope that I am able to get myself up to her caliber of blogging!:)

So Ella LOVES Berenstain Bears! I think we have almost every book every written and have read them all over and over and over...I remember loving these books when I was a kid so it's extra special that she's so into them. My mom even saved all of them from when my brother and I were young and has since given them to me to read to our children (my mom is the best!). The BB were in town a couple of weekends ago making an appearance at a local cable station. So of course, we HAD to go and see them! We went with my dad (he was in town for the weekend) and met up with Ella's BBF (best boy friend) Jackson and his fam (his mom Ashley is a good friend of mine too!) We basically walked in, stood in line to take a picture, shook the BB hands and left....I don't know what I was expecting in the first place, it was sort of dull but Ella was happy and that's all that matters:) Karine didn't know what to think, she wouldn't go near the BB but waved and waved at them, while Grampy was holding her. She still talks about saying 'hi' to the bears with Mimi (Grampy).


  1. I remember reading the BB to my kids too. I'm sure I have them somewhere - I need to get them out!

  2. I LOVED the berestein bears when I was little!! They were my favorite! Joey doesn't seem to find the same joy as I did though! You are doing a GREAT job at blogging! Keep it up!