Thursday, October 29, 2009

Losing Hair!

Okay, all of you ladies out there that have had babies...I have a weird but serious you lose your hair after you have your babies??!! I did with the girls and thought, maybe..hopefully I wouldn't with Gavin b/c he's a boy, different hormones, yada yada. And I hadn't yet..until recently and it's coming out in handfuls after my shower!! For some reason, my hair falls out in the front and it looks like I have a receding hairline! I am so bummed it happened again but I guess it was inevitable..anyone else feel my pain?? I was just wondering, kind of weird I know but I had to mention it.

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  1. I HAVE heard of this, Staci! So, I don't think it's abnormal! Yeah, I think it's some kind of hormone deficiency or maybe a thyroid issue. You could always ask your dr! I need ALL my hair- as mine isn't thick to begin with!