Friday, December 11, 2009

My Baby Boy

Gavin turned 5 months 2 days ago, I cannot believe how fast this has gone. I feel like it was just yesterday that  I found out I was...oops...pregnant with him!! That oops was one of the 4 best things that has ever happened to me (Gabe, Ella, Karine and Gavin). He is probably the sweetest baby ever. He's my little man and it's true when people say that boys and girls are just 'different'. He has a very easygoing temperment, he smiles when you just look at him, he can entertain himself for quite a while (that may also be b/c he's the 3rd!) and he is BIG! He's 20 lbs. already and 27 inches, we need to get him out of his infant car seat and into a convertible. I absolutely adore having a son, the girls eat him up and have a ball with him. He loves watching them play, dance, sing..anything. I am so excited for the future with our kids, they are amazing and there truly is no words to describe my love for them. 
(I took this picture of Gavin earlier this evening while giving him his bath, which is absolutely the highlight of his day, he loves his bath!)


  1. What a cutie! Gavin is such a sweet baby.

  2. Wow. I felt like Gabe was staring me down in that photo! I think it's time he gets into a big boy bathtub at that size! Glad you are back to blogging!